KORU | Venue

KORU is the exclusive blank canvas wedding venue of Kim White | Weddings.

Tucked into a pristine corner of a 6th generation farm, hugged around by a beautiful macademia orchard with lush grass underfoot, enormous fig trees dapple shade overhead as you meander down an avenue of aloes.

Woven through by natural streams, KORU provides the stunning natural setting in which your wedding is brought to life.

Wedding marquee tents and moveable structures create ambiance driven options that enrich the atmosphere, creating a customised wedding experience that guests will never forget.

Under Kim White’s execution KORU’s outdoor setting becomes transformed, tailored to the personalities of each couple – celebrating the coming together of two.

The celebration began when you met.
And now it continues.
New Beginnings.
He & She.
She & He.

New Growth. New Life. New Experiences.

A symbolic Maori word meaning Creation or ‘New Beginning’.
Its symbol is found in the unfurling frond of a new fern leaf, in a circle
unfurling from within itself – opening up
the growth, beauty, and celebration of
the Journey ahead.

Blank is the New Black

Blank Canvas weddings couple tradition with a truly customised wedding experience. A beautiful outdoor setting is the canvas and with Kim White, your wedding comes to life. Marquee tents, pergolas, ambiance and lighting, drinks, music, dancing … tailored to your meet your most heart lifting expectations for what you would like your wedding day to be.

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